Enrichment options in Year 11

During Year 11 pupils have a choice of enrichment options. These are subjects that they will study for one hour a week for the whole year and usually do not lead to an examination or qualification.

L Band options are: Art, Controlled Assessment, German, PE, Statistics and V-cert health and fitness.

R Band options are: Art, Textiles, DT, Italian, German and IT.

Because of limited numbers of spaces in each enrichment option, it is possible that more pupils choose the option than there are spaces available. In that case, the following process will be used:

  • Within each band separately (L and R), pupils will be put in order of their average effort grades from the last report. Where pupils are equal, they will be put in order of their effort grades from the Spring term report first, then the Autumn term report. The use of effort grades in this process is the same as was used last year. If necessary, because pupils are still tied and this would affect the allocation of a preference, previous year’s effort grades will be taken into account.
  • For pupils who joined part way through the year and have one or two reports rather than all three, the ‘missing’ reports will be taken as equal to the subsequent report received at Kettlethorpe this year.
  • Working through the list of pupils, pupils will be awarded their first preference. Once an enrichment option is full, and continuing down the list of pupils in order, later pupils will receive their second choice should their first preference be full. Should first and second preferences be full, pupils will be allocated their third preference and so on.
  • In the case where a pupil runs out of preferences before they are placed in a subject (for example, if they only have a first preference and that has already been filled), then they will be allocated a subject by the school.

Forms returned after the deadline will follow the same process as above, with pupils ranked below all those whose forms were returned on time.

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