GCSE Results 2017

Measure 2016 KHS 2017 KHS National 2016

% Pass English & Mathematics

64 67 62
Measure 2017 Results KHS Grade 4+ 2017 Results KHS Grade 5+

% any English

80 61

% Maths

70 46

% pass (English and Maths)

67 41
Due to new school performance measures introduced by the government in 2016, it is not possible to compare the 2017 data to any national data until late October 2017, when the DfE releases the national Progress 8 and Attainment 8 scores for all schools.

However, we can inform you that we have surpassed the 2016 national figures in both English and mathematics for a GCSE ‘pass’.

Earlier this year the DfE announced the new ‘good pass’ standard in English and mathematics. We are pleased to inform you that the English results compared very well to this year’s national results and that the mathematics results also compared favourably.

Nearly all our other GCSE subjects have also surpassed national figures for 2016 GCSE A* - C and in many subjects 2016 GCSE A* - A.

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